Thursday 24 September 2015

This a short video with 10
interesting facts about facebook

Features of Facebook

Features of Facebook

1. News feed: In September 2006, Facebook released a new thing called news feed. When a user logged in they were met with options that helped them alter their accounts. But with this new feature people could now see their friends activity and their activity. What came u
p on a news feed was things such as the change in profile pictures, birthdays, events and things that their friends had posted.

2. The 'Like' button: The 'Like' button was brought in in April 201, was made for the soul reason that you could admire or appreciate what your friend had posted by clicking this like button. You could also like comments photos, groups and pages. But as years went by likes were used more as a popularity scale among teens and young adults.

3. Notifications: The Notification feature is one of the oldest features in Facebook. This feature occurs when one of your friends likes, tags, or mentions you in something etc. A small message pops up showing that this person has done this.

4. Message: In November 201, Facebook released Facebook messages. This is a thing were people could send instant messages to each other over Facebook. It was a huge success and is used all over the world.

Monday 21 September 2015

Where are Facebook based?

Where are Facebook Based?

Facebook first headquarters was in Menlo Park, California and is still the main headquarters today.
Facebook is a 'Footloose industry'. This means that Facebook don't need to locate their headquarters in a certain location in search of easy resources and transport.

Facebook have many headquarters setup all over the world. They have eight headquarters in Europe, six in Asia, one in Australia and fourteen in South and North America. But the parent headquarters is in California.

There are many headquarters around the world but the parent headquarters are in California. This has negative and positive effects on the others. An example of negative affects is that most profit is send back to the parent headquarters to me invested in other things. A positive affect is that placing headquarters around the world supplies jobs and work for people and helps people to contact Facebook easier.

Facebook, Dublin can employ up to one thousand people to work in their headquarters and the headquarters is 23,225sq m. It is situated beside the Bord Gais Theatre in Dublin city centre.

Thursday 17 September 2015

Who uses Facebook?

So who uses Facebook?

Many people use Facebook all around the world. The least facebook users are people in U.S.A and Canada with 17.2% of facebook users. The next in the world is Europe with 24.1% and then Asia and Pacific with 28.8%, And the rest of world has the largest amount with 29.9%.

What genders and age groups use Facebook?

74% of all people in the world use Facebook! 72% of men and 76% of women.

Age Group : 18-29 - 89% of this age group use social media.

                      30-49- 82% of this age group use social media.

                      50-64- 65% of this age group use social media.
                         65+- 49% of this age group use social media.

Why are 18-29 the biggest age group?

This is the biggest age group are the biggest group because they are more up to date with their technology and always want the most advanced things. 

Thursday 10 September 2015

The Start of Facebook

So how did Facebook begin?

Facebook was created by a man called Mark Zuckerberg while he was studying at Harvard University. He had previously made other social network sites such as 'Facemash' and 'Coursematch'.Facebook originally named 'The Facebook', was created so that students of Harvard could socialize with each other. Over it had over 1,200 people using it and many other colleges began to use it.

Mark Zuckerberg began to bring in offers for shares of the company. They got an offer from Microsoft of $250 million for 1.6% of the company but it was rejected. Mark was determined that Facebook could and would be worth more than that.

Mark at first was a co-owner of facebook with two other guys, Sean Parker and Eduardo Saverin. Eduardo disliked Sean and as he lived far from the headquarters of the company he was soon kicked out of the company. Sean Parker was also kicked out later on for being accused of being in the possession of drugs.

Facebook decided to bring in a number of new additions to facebook which had positive and negative effects for the publicity of facebook. 'Tagging' was huge feature for facebook as it made photos more personal and had a positive affect overall. 'Newsfeed' had a huge negative affect for facebook as it made people feel that their was a lack of privacy on their accounts.

Thursday 3 September 2015